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Interwebs Promotion

Hello world wide web. I am doing an internet promotion currently for my massage therapy business San Juan Wellness.  Here is the scoop:  “Like” my Facebook page and I will gladly give you $15 off an Initial treatment (regularly $70 | FB promo $55), and it gets better, if you refer someone to me; either […]

Save your back for $50 or less!

With winter upon us, we are all experiencing the lovely act of shoveling snow.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and all it provides for us both as far as sporting and the natural benefits alike!  However, some days I feel I have the back of an 85 year old man so I am […]

I learn something (or lots of things) every day!

Sitting down for a bit of light reading…Here are a few of the books I utilize in my practice.  I always strive to learn more about the human body, the issues associated with them, and the way we use/abuse them.  

Fascia 101

Did you know that our bodies are connected from our fore head to the tips of our toes by a tissue underlying the skin called “fascia?”  Fascia is a form of connective tissue that wraps and engulfs each muscle cell, spindle, bundle, belly and group.  Fascia is known in the medical world as the “glue […]

Winter Safety

Now that winter is finally in full swing here in CO, just wanted to give a friendly reminder to be careful out there on the snow and ice. Cheers -SJ