Interwebs Promotion

Hello world wide web.

I am doing an internet promotion currently for my massage therapy business San Juan Wellness.  Here is the scoop:  “Like” my Facebook page and I will gladly give you $15 off an Initial treatment (regularly $70 | FB promo $55), and it gets better, if you refer someone to me; either via Facebook, phone, email, or smoke signals, I will give you $10 off a treatment, and the referral person the Face Book promotion deal, and yes you can double dip if you want!

I am trying to kickstart my massage business and I hear all this social media marketing is the way to go. I truly and deeply appreciate any and all support you fine people can offer.  Even “sharing or liking” this post to your Face Book wall is huge!  And feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or for a free consultation on how my services will help you!

Cheers,  Scott Japhet | SJW