• Got Pain?

    Got Pain?

    Body Wellness treatment specialize in soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, muscular imbalance, and more!

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  • Strength & Mobility

    Strength & Mobility

    Strengthening and mobilizing tissues is a crucial part of the healing and recovery process.  See how Body Wellness can help you.

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  • Manual Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Body Wellness utilizes various techniques and forms of manual therapy to best suit the client’s needs.

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  • Education


    Client education is an integral part of my practice.

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  • Anatomical Drawing

    Anatomical Drawing

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  • Modernized DaVinci figure.

    Modernized DaVinci figure.

    Take a better look at Body Wellness;  how human anatomy, structure, and function, and alignment are incorporated into treatments.


Our Clients

“After I experienced whiplash number 5, I was so traumatized I couldn’t bring myself to stretch or strengthen my neck and shoulders. For years I had already been dealing with chronic neck and head pain. As an RN I realize the importance of post injury therapies for rehabilitation. Normally, I’m a very compliant patient however, I just couldn’t make myself comply. After much trepidation, I decided to give Scott a try and I’m glad I did. He listens and teaches which is a must for me with any therapist. He’s knowledgeable, had injuries himself to draw experience and knowledge from and trained under people I highly admire and respect. I would recommend Scott to family and friends.”

"Scott uses multiple, and very effective techniques to individualize treatments to my specific needs.  His professionalism is outstanding and he is very knowledgeable about my varying issues, and has been a valuable part of my health care team."
Stephanie J

"After 2 shoulder and 1 knee surgeries Scott's therapy techniques have been an amazing and integral part of my recovery and helping me get back to the sports and activities I love.  He also helped educate me to have a better understanding and awareness of my body as a whole, and how I can help myself in the future with stretching and exercise techniques"
Stacy Falk

"Scott has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep pressure techniques to help my many injuries.  I also appreciate the stretching and exercises Scott showed me to improve motion, overall health, and comfort."
Ashleigh Diaz

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