Soft tissue injury, Chronic pain syndromes, Pre/Post surgery, Sports injuries, Back/Neck pain, Postural imbalances, Restricted range of motion, Dysfunctional movement habits, Injury prevention, Stretching/Exercise, Deep Tissue, General well-being. These treatments are designed on an individual basis, and are appropriate for all ages, ability levels, and health conditions.

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 Body Wellness and Scott Japhet’s practice focuses on soft tissue injury rehabilitation, postural imbalance corrections, chronic pain syndromes, athletic performance improvement / maintenance, corrective exercise, and general well-being.  This is achieved using various techniques of analysis and manual therapy.  The goal is for the client to quickly see improvements and gain the knowledge to be able to be on a maintenance program or no longer need the services.  The number of visits needed is completely dependent on the specific issue and how the client’s body adjusts to the sessions.  A treatment plan will be created in the initial session to outline the goals and time-frame needed for each client to return to an optimal and functional level.

Body Wellness is fully capable of being and integral part of any existing aspect of a client’s health care team including Medical Doctors, Chiropractic Doctors, Naturo-pathic Doctors, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, other Massage Therapists, etc. Body Wellness does not offer typical spa type treatments ie: Hot Stones, Swedish, Full Body massages, etc…

Treatment Methodology:

Given the proper opportunity, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves.


When a stress (injury or physical deviation) occurs, our bodies compensate to avoid pain and functional decrease.  When left untreated, the compensation pattern leads to pain and habitual dysfunctional movement.  I use various assesment and manual therapy techniques to assist the body to return to its natural and functional state.  Appropriately lengthening and realigning the fascial layers  (connective tissue) and muscle tissue creates space for neurovascular structures, allows for natural musculoskeletal function, and can have permanent lasting results, thus reducing pain, restoring function, and balance. This is achieved using  Myofascial therapy, Neuromuscular therapy, Active release, corrective exercises, specific/isolated/resistance streching and dynamic strengthening techniques.

A crucial part of my treatments is client interaction.  Many of the techniques of manual therapy I use involve movement and action from the client while I am pinning or stretching the myofascial tissues in a restricted area.   Client interaction is very effective in physically releasing the target tissue, and it also heightens the client’s awareness to that area of the body and can be effective on the energetic spectrum as-well.  I was trained in several different forms/modalities of energy work, but I do not practice any currently.  I do however strongly believe that the connection between mind, body, and spirit, are very important in well-being.


All sessions are approximately 75 minutes long for $100 per session. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover and AMEX.

What to bring and how to prepare:

  • For your initial consultation / treatment, I ask that you prepare a mental or physical list of questions,  goals, and expectations for the treatments.  We will discuss this and find a plan that works to accommodate these  ideas.
  • It is best to be well hydrated before a treatment.  I will always encourage you to drink water before and after every treatment.
  • If you would like to incorporate stretching and or exercising into a session, you will need to bring appropriate clothing and a towel perhaps.  My office space unfortunately does not have a shower FYI.
  • For postural analysis and corrective exercise sessions, it is best to wear work out style clothing.  For men: gym shorts are perfect.  For women: gym shorts/yoga pants and a sports bra or other  snug fitting top works well.  I need to be able to see specific points on your body to obtain an accurate analyses.  Loose fitting clothing makes this difficult.
  • During manual therapy (massage) treatments you will always be appropriately draped and covered by a sheet, so no clothing is necessary, but I always encourage people to simply undress to their comfort level.  Only the area receiving treatement will be undraped.



 Here is an example of a typical postural analysis system where the client is photographed in-between a plumb bob line and a grid.  This Photo was taken of myself (Scott Japhet) by Chris Furer of Balanced Recovery Massage.   I completed a postural correction regimen with Chris several years ago after a back injury.  It was a huge inspiration to me to get involved in the world of bodywork.  Thanks Chris!