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TEST. With most common soft tissue injuries, a few therapy sessions will provide quick and lasting results.  With more severe injuries or pre / post surgical procedures, more treatments are recommended for the best results.

For example; a strained ankel or sprained hamstring, etc… It is usually okay to start manual therapy within a few days to a week of the injury (depending on the severity of the injury) and the sooner you start the rehabilitation process the faster you heal. For serious injuries a Doctor’s approval is recommended prior to bodywork of any kind.
When you have an acute or recent injury the rest of your body compensates to try to protect itself from more pain, and to help heal the injury. This is both good and bad. The benefit of swelling and inflammation is the increased blood flow to the area, and a natural splinting mechanism. However our bodies tend to exceed the helpful limits of inflammation, which causes pain and compensation from the rest of the body. For example; a strained ankle will swell up and cause pain which leads to limping, which may lead to hip and low back pain on both sides of the body, not just the injured side!
My treatments focus on the body as a whole and address all the issues that may be associated with any injury to restore optimal function.

Postural imbalances can vary greatly; from a slight forward head posture, to scoliosis in the spine, to far more complex issues; for instance a unilateral pelvis rotation, which in turn can ultimately affect almost everything above and below, on both sides. These imbalances require more initial analysis and more involved and consistent manual treatments and exercise / stretching conditioning. Most postural imbalances are chronic and have been in effect for a long time, or a lifetime, thus needing very persistant unwinding of the habitual patterns, then creating new and  functional movement patterns.  Once the new functional patterns are created, the client must continue to promote the new patterns both with their own routine and with the assistance and reinforcement San Juan Wellness provides. Here is an example of a typical postural analysis system where the client is photographed in-between a plumb bob line and a grid. This Photo was taken of me (Scott Japhet) by Chris Furer of Balanced Recovery Massage. I completed a postural correction regimen with Chris several years ago after a serious back injury. It was a huge step in my recovery and a priceless inspiration to me to get involved in the world of bodywork and helping others. Thanks Chris!
Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike need to keep their bodies in tip top shape for ultimate performance and safety in upcoming events, and to help enhance or maintain their athletic performance. Postural assessment, manual therapy, active release therapy, isolated stretching, and specific exercise techniques, are used in these cases. These modalities are a healthy and safe way to help improve performance and prevent injury and  post event/activity soreness. These types of bodywork are appropriate for all ages and types of athletes and ability levels, including cyclists, paddlers, climbers, runners, yoga enthusiasts, skiers, and so on…
I do not offer typical spa type treatments. However, my methods and techniques can be very helpful for general well being, healthy living/lifestyle, and maintaining performance, ability, and proper bodily function.  My treatments are appropriate for all ages and health levels (as long as there are no underlying conditions that contraindicate massage).  My goal is for the client to quickly see improvements and gain the knowledge to be able to be on a maintenance program, or seldom need my services. I still highly recommend people see their normal Massage Therapist if they want a more relaxing full-body spa type of massage.