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All about abs!

Here is a lengthy, but very informative and accurate post about abs.  Click on the link to imjur to see full article, sorry the image is too big for one page.   Thanks Imjur!

Ice Walking

I found this rather amusing and quite appropriate considering the rain and freezing temperatures we’ve been having.  Be safe out there!   And here is the link to Imjur for those interested.


Today I had the opportunity to go for a Soak| Plunge|Sweat at Amaya.  I’ve been trying to fit that into my day for a few weeks now and finally made it, and it was great of course.  I would highly recommend  it to you all.  Its the perfect way to realax or warm up on a beautiful […]

Good Morning

My favorite way to wake up, a big cup of joe, and my Axis OPTP  foam roller.  Foam rollers are a great tool to use for exercise, stretching, and do some self massage/torture.  I highly recommend the “firm” ones from OPTP (link above.)  They are the most effective and last the longest.  The traditional white […]

“The Squat”

The squat is on of the more popular performance tests used as a diagnostic tool.  Although it seems like a fairly “basic” task there is a lot more to it than you may think or see.  Looking to infants or tiny humans is a great way to see good form in most basic functional movements […]

Interwebs Promotion

Hello world wide web. I am doing an internet promotion currently for my massage therapy business San Juan Wellness.  Here is the scoop:  ”Like” my Facebook page and I will gladly give you $15 off an Initial treatment (regularly $70 | FB promo $55), and it gets better, if you refer someone to me; either […]

Save your back for $50 or less!

With winter upon us, we are all experiencing the lovely act of shoveling snow.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and all it provides for us both as far as sporting and the natural benefits alike!  However, some days I feel I have the back of an 85 year old man so I am […]

I learn something (or lots of things) every day!

Sitting down for a bit of light reading…Here are a few of the books I utilize in my practice.  I always strive to learn more about the human body, the issues associated with them, and the way we use/abuse them.  

Fascia 101

Did you know that our bodies are connected from our fore head to the tips of our toes by a tissue underlying the skin called “fascia?”  Fascia is a form of connective tissue that wraps and engulfs each muscle cell, spindle, bundle, belly and group.  Fascia is known in the medical world as the “glue […]

Winter Safety

Now that winter is finally in full swing here in CO, just wanted to give a friendly reminder to be careful out there on the snow and ice. Cheers -SJ